Journey Map. Click to expand.


Working with Virtual Properties Realty, we created an user journey map that charts the homebuying process. Graphed onto a timeline are the homebuyer's thoughts, actions, emotional states and degree of effort.

At the bottom, we mapped a phase-by-phase, corresponding action plan for the realtors.



Ernestine and Emma for Home Sweet Georgia campaign

At the request of Virtual Properties, I developed a "Home Sweet Georgia" campaign to highlight the merits of Georgia residency for out-of-state clients. Data suggests women make the vast majority of homebuying decisions. I focused my efforts on female boomer audiences.


I created two personas, one each for Ernestine and Emma. They are fictional representations of clients: non-Georgia residents considering homeownership in Atlanta.

According to data, most working and retirement aged people move to Georgia to be closer to friends and family. Another subset are lured by the warm weather and reasonable cost of living.

Understanding client behaviors and goals helps us design a more effective, conversion-friendly online campaign.