Here's a sampling of icons I designed for the software navigation interface. Part of the ongoing challenge was working with a dark interface. How to use color and form elegantly?



I was tasked to create visuals that described real-time phenomena within industrial systems and networks of networks. Sounds heady, right? Thing is, at any given time, there's a massive number of traffic exchanges and communications happening between devices on the grid. Graphing their relationships enables users to grasp essential patterns and key data. 

Final Donut Graphs - SZV Dark Color Modified.png

Donut graph, device communications

Donut graphs are a variation on a pie chart. This chart shows the top six devices speaking a particular machine language.

Single Stacked Area Graph - On Hover (original colors).png

Stacked area graph, on hover

Stacked area graphs reveal relative volumes of things. This is the "hover" state of an interactive graph. Hovering reveals vital stats about that instance on the graph.

Multi Stacked Area Graph - Unselected.png

Stacked area graph, on off

Stacked area graphs are useful for aggregating different data points and showing patterns. Here we mapped the most popular machine languages among eleven devices.